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101 Places To Have Sex
Before You Die ($0.99)


It has finally hit the iPhone...

101 Places To Have Sex Before You Die!

If you're reading this it means you're still alive and kicking.

Have you done or even planned on the 101 Places To Have Sex Before You Die?

This fun, portable list of everyday places where venturesome people can have sex -- without too much difficulty.

You can save or email each place. Well here is your chance and here are they... you haven't done it until you do it.

We are sure you wouldn't easily put it down once you start reading it. You can read at any angle so go ahead and turn your phone to make reading easier. Please send your reviews there are most appreciated.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 3.0 Software and up.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for pregancies, romances, connections, relationship hookups, rendevous, affairs, or any physical connection which may or may not include kissing, biting, petting, corressing, etc. Nor are we responsible for and loss liability, or risk which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, for use of this material. Please consult your love doctor.

Sexy Scratch Off (0.99$)


Download this app FOR FREE, grab your partner, and have fun!

Scratch Off Erotic Dice will add spice to any relationship in a fun new way. Each partner scratches off a card to reveal their fate.

100 Romantic Ideas (FREE)


Struggling to find the perfect romantic idea? Let's face it, any romantic thing that you do for your sweetheart really communicates how much you love and care. So it's important to get it right!

“100 ROMANTIC IDEAS” is a must have for anyone who wants to impress his/her partner. Chose an idea and implement it to let him/her understand what he/she means to you!


?Unique & personalized gift ideas.
?Refreshing ways to spend time with your partner.
?Shake your iPhone and get random Ideas.
?From “All” section you can choose any ideas that you would like to read.
?You can mark any Idea as Favorite.
?Sharing any idea from this app through E-Mail and Facebook is available. Spread the romance to anyone in the world!
?More apps/games are available on “more” section.

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"Sexy Jokes" is a collection of funny, spicy & naughty jokes. Tell these jokes to your friends and show them who the king of sexy jokes is! Just download it and start the fun express!!!

101 Romantic Messages (FREE)!
101 Romantic Messages - Do you want your lover to become more affectionate towards you? Impress him/her with the adorable messages from “101 Romantic Messages”.

*** If you have an idea that you would like to add in a future update, please send them to

*** We also recommend some cool iPhone games: Heli Attack, Tap Tap Ants, Tap Tap Bubble, Bubble Tap, iWarehouse, Flying Insects.

Playboy ($1.99)


The only OFFICIAL PLAYBOY application!

Get exclusive content and a glimpse of the new issue of Playboy wherever and whenever you want!

Buy now and receive both November and Decembers editions for $1.99 and get your hands on all the good stuff electronically, including the cover, table of contents, the Playmate's intro text, data sheet and a behind the scenes video, plus preview pictures and portions of text from the following:

Playboy Interview — Candid long-form conversation with the world's most insightful minds
Playboy Advisor — Advice about everything from sex to stereos and cars to cuisine
20 Questions — A selection from the quick-hitting Q&A session with today's top celebrities
Party Jokes — Classic gags that are sure to make you the center of attention
Celebrities Hangin' With Hef — Famous folks partying and posing with the man himself
Fashion — Pictures of today's hottest looks with tips on how to make them work for you

Playmate Video — The new Centerfold comes to life in a sexy preview clip that's unavailable anywhere else!
Free Wallpapers — Add some Playboy personality to your iPhone with free Rabbit Head wallpaper and downloadable photographs of the Playmate, designed and available exclusively for this app!

If you want to be dialed into what's new from the world's top entertainment and lifestyle magazine for men (and what man wouldn't?) Playboy is the app you need!

*This app does not contain any fully nude content.

Try this sexy app.

My Virtual Girlfriend ($0.99)

My Virtual Girlfriend - WET Productions Inc.

Mentioned on MSNBC, and Kotaku, and Lopez Tonight! This is the most talked about virtual girl, dating simulation app available in itunes!

????? APP CRITIC REVIEWS! ????? = 5/5 stars = 4/5 stars = 4/5 stars

Wobble iBoobs (premium uncensored) ($0.99)


Accelerometer. iPhone. Boobs. Put them together and you have Wobble. It's an app that grabs photos from your iPhone's camera roll, lets you add wobble points, then once you shake the iPhone, physics comes into play and just like that you have laughs galore. It's prime purpose is to add motion physics to boobs, but it can be applied to any part of the anatomy really. The only limit is your imagination. But anyways, Wobble is made by an Australian, so I emailed Jon to ask him a couple of questions, Aussie to Aussie. No Yanks allowed. Get out you loud Americans, shoo.

iSteam ($0.99)


iSteam – “Your phone can now do so much more… Welcome the first “steamy” photo editor for the iPhone / iPod touch. We are proud to deliver you the unique chance to turn your device into a foggy surface just like your mirror after a hot shower or as your window on a winter day. iSteam exploits all the features of your device (accelerometer, multitouch, microphone, speakers) like never before, for an astonishingly realistic experience!”

Honey it's me ($0.99)

Honey it's me - NABIX

How about my own girlfriend wakes me up every morning in different appearance, asks after me, and says goodnight via facetime? That finally becomes a reality.

HD Sex Positons ($0.99)

HD Sex Positions - Suh Consulting






Exotic Adult Party Games ($1.99)


This Collection contains 120 adult party games of several types: the party games played while dancing, joking party games, questionnaire party games, icebreakers party games, the party games for married couples, the party games for adults only . These party games will be of great help for You in conducting different merry holidays and parties: adult birthday party, stag party, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, wedding etc. If you plan dances at Your party, suggest Your guests some of the party games played while dancing. These kinds of party games are played during the dances and between them. These games are played by teenagers and adults with great pleasure. If there are some shy and little known to each other persons at Your party suggest their playing some icebreakers party games. This type of party games helps shy and little known to each other people to free themselves and to make an acquaintance of each other.

Sexy Touch Game ($2.99)

Sexy Touch Game - NeaLogic

Megan, Aysha, Trish and Pamela are 4 beautiful and sensual girls that want your attention. Make them have a good time and they will repay you by showing themselves unveiled. To succeed you must remember the right combination of notes and colors.

Every time you will manage to please them, they will take one item of clothing off for you. Admire the four girls in all of their beauty...but careful not to make could make them very angry!

Funniest collection of erotic movie titles

Pornorama - Funniest collection of erotic movie titles - iNation

Pornorama is a collection of funny porn movie titles. Starting with over 1200 funny titles this app will be a hit on every party!
Expand the collection and send us new funny movies with the in app feature.

Seduce a SuicideGirl ($0.99)


Meet the sexy Zoli Suicide in a comic book shop and—if you make the right choices—you will get a sexy, 17+ make-out session with her (it’s not that racy, but it’s cute). Make the wrong choices and get shot down by a SuicideGirl in 10 different humiliating ways!

Shot and created specifically for the iPhone & iPod Touch, This is the Suicide Girls version of a Japanese Dating Sim or one of those kids books where you could choose what happened next by making different choices. A little funny, a little sexy, and maybe a little goofy, this is the closest you will get to dating a sexy girl who lives inside your iPhone.

Written by Anthony Zuiker, creator of the CSI franchise, and starring those naughty, internet, art-sleaze superstars the SuicideGirls.

We want to make a few more of these, so please let us know in the feedback what we should do differently in the next episode or what SuicideGirl you’d like to see in it. Thanks for the cash! We’re going to spend it all on strippers!

Passion ($0.99)


The iPhone app store ranges from the... Kinda useful to the utterly ridiculous - and here's an extreme example of the latter. The Passion application rates your sexual performance based on duration, power (as measured by the iPhone's built-in accelerometer) and loudness of orgasm, giving you a score out of 10 for your efforts. You can then compare "high scores" with other couples (or singles) around the world. That's right kids, to be the world's best lover, simply bang away like a jackhammer for 45 minutes, bellowing like a babboon. The ladies looooove that.

Turn the Passion app on, stick it on the bed, explain to your partner that you're looking for an empirical ranking of your boudoir skills, and go to town - if they're still interested.

Sexy Toon Maker ($0.99)

Sexy Toon Maker - H. Rock Liao

Turn your pictures into sexy cartoons with the push of a button. Simply take or load a picture, select from any of the pre-designed modes, and you’ll have the result in a few seconds. You can create various kinds of sexy, dreamy or posterized cartoons based on your pictures. You can also change color themes according to your taste. The proprietary algorithms of Sexy Toon Maker will generate unique, beautifully rendered toon artworks that you won’t be able to find anywhere else at the App Store!

Ananga Ranga for iPhone ($0.99)


We are happy to present to you the first iPhone app that brings the Kamasutra sex-poses to the iPhone & iPod Touch. Join us on Twitter and be the first to know, when Ananga Ranga is out. 5 of our followers will receive a free promo code!

Ananga Ranga will be released to the App Store as soon as iPhone OS 3 comes. It will introduce the following features

* 50 awesome sexual-positions, organized in 7 categories
* Unique interactive user interface
* 3 high-quality images from different angles, for each pose
* Beautiful 3D models that allow you to easily understand the pose
* Ability to rate each pose for yourself
* Online comments and ratings
* Mark a pose as "I've done it"
* See random pose, by shaking your iPhone

Sex Position Game ($1.99)

Sex Position Game - Krysis LLC

Sex Position Game will stimulate your sex life by exposing you and your partner(s) to the juiciest sexual positions on the App Store.


Get your heart thumping a little faster with the most alluring app on the store. We’ve got everything you need to satisfy your hunger for entertainment, and provide a little education at the same time.


We have plenty of options to wet your appetite and help you move through the game with ease.

? Play tab takes you to the main screen to begin the game. With one quick shake, the game is on!

? Play in one of two modes. Randomly pick a player and partner or alternate turn based among the players.

? Player tab allows you to personalize the game and set up additional players. This is useful especially if you choose to welcome more than one couple into the game. Also, simply tapping on the name of the player disables or enables them from the game.

? Position tab lets you peruse available positions, add positions of your own, modify existing position, or delete the ones you don’t like. Also, simply tapping on the name of the position disables or enables it from the game. The positions are classified in an order of effort (1, 2, or 3) and gender control.

? More tab is available to set password protection and alter the amount of time spent in each position. Feel free to take it slow and easy with your first time playing the game, but we have a feeling you will be picking up speed in no time.

Our informative descriptions (complete with visuals) provide the advantages and disadvantages of each position, along with helpful hints to make each one more pleasurable.

Once a player has been assigned a position, they can choose to either start the timer and get to it, or skip their turn altogether

What a great alternative for a little inspirational fun between you and your special someone!

If there is a position you want added simply email us at

Valentines Sex Game Pro ($1.99)


Play the fun and sexy valentines strip game with your lover or sexy friends!

Perfect fun for Saturday game night that will get everyone in on the sexy action or ridiculous hilariousness. Simply tap to see what article of clothing you must remove, continue playing the game until you're all out. Best experienced with those you wish to get even or get intimate with, but be warned, you may end up revealing more too! ;) Enjoy this fun stripping game for your next sexy night. For entertainment purposes only. Enjoy with others!

Emotion Toy ($0.99)


Discover the ultimate potential of your iPhone can do for you. Never miss Emotion Toy if you already have iPhone.

Are your tired of those machine-like massage apps at Apple Store.
Do you need an intelligent and smart tool like a real massagist?
Have you ever imagine iPhone can listen to your desire and serve you align with your emotion.

Emotion Toy featured with almost all iPhone sensor include Accelerator, Vibrator, Sound Detector, Motion Detector and advanced analysis algorithm. "He" will explore your feeling and feedback with the best, you will more love your iPhone.

Now, you can relax anytime anywhere with your iPhone and take pleasure to a new level.
Get Emotion Toy, play the music, swing your body and start enjoy the pleasure.

•Ambiance sound/music detection for the rhythm beat and the tempo of music.
•Voice detection with realtime feedback the vibrating wave.
•The stronger beat or faster music tempo from ambiance, the higher vibrating wave feedback.
•Motion detection when your body swing or shake your iPhone like a vibrator.
•Interact with your motion and feedback with vibrating wave.
•The faster you swing or shake, the higher vibrating wave feedback.
•And more ......

Possible Uses:
- Working - Instant massager with manually turn on high vibration.
- Before sleep - Enjoy iPhone serve you with your emotion.
- Traveling - Active sound and motion detect massager both on a plane.
- And how about share us with yours?

So, get Emotion Toy for only $0.99 before Valentine's Day.



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